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New patient immobilization mask material 

06 Jun 2018 Sponsored by Orfit Industries

Orfit Industries’ polymer science group has harnessed the power of nanotechnology to help improve cancer treatment. Nanor, a thermoplastic material enhanced with nanoparticles, has been developed to precisely immobilize patients during cancer treatment using radiation therapy. Limiting the movement of the patient results in more targeted treatment delivery and the potential for improved patient outcomes.

Nanor is the thinnest and strongest material that has so far been used for immobilization during cancer treatment. The nanoparticles increase the strength of the thermoplastic mask material, which helps to limit patient movement while allowing precise targeting of the tumor. Because the material is so thin, the Nanor mask fits on the patient like a surgical glove. It adapts perfectly to the patient anatomy, contributing to limitation of movement, increased comfort and accurate treatment delivery resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Nanor Thermoplastic is FDA 510(k) cleared and is available as part of the High Precision Patient Immobilization Systems available in North America and worldwide.

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