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Medical physics

Medical physics

Real-time treatment verification with the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) System

22 Feb 2021 Sponsored by Elekta

Available to watch now, Elekta exploring the Elekta Assurance real time QA solution

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The Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) is a simple solution that offers advanced real time QA for every segment and beam. The novel design introduces a single ion chamber that provides exceptional reproducibility and accuracy for every treatment technique, from small-field SRS to large conventional treatments. All this is combined with workflows that are fully automated and require no extra steps in planning or treatment delivery.

This webinar, presented by Juergen Oellig and Marlies Pasler, will cover the following topics:

  • The IQM development project
  • The IQM technology
    – Reference calculation
    – Signal measurement
    – Signal reproducibility
    – Beam attenuation
  • Clinical experience with IQM at Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Center, Friedrichshafen, Germany
    – Error detection sensitivity
    – Clinical experience with IQM treatment monitoring for all fractions
    – Testing IQM for QA purposes (beam flatness and symmetry)

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Juergen Oellig is the managing director of iRT Systems. He began his career in radiation therapy in 1995 and has been responsible for the sale and service of treatment planning systems as well as dosimetry and quality assurance equipment.

In 2013 he founded iRT Systems with the sole focus on developing, certifying and marketing the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) System. A unique aspect of the IQM development project was the dynamic programme of research co-operation with radiation therapy departments all over the world. Groups on four continents contributed their investigative work before and after the product release, addressing various aspects of using IQM for online Fraction QA, for Plan QA for complex treatment techniques, as well as for linear accelerator quality assurance.

Today, his focus is on showing clinicians how they can realize clinical benefits and achieve more patient safety with IQM.

Marlies Pasler is a medical physicist at the Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Centre, Friedrichshafen, Germany. As a physicist, her areas of expertise are versatile, ranging from routine tasks such as treatment planning, plan verification, dosimetry and linac constancy checks, to more projecting tasks such as the implementation of new techniques, hardware and software beta-testing. Her fields of research include VMAT treatment planning, QA for rotational techniques with a special focus on log files and dosimetry and multi-institutional auditing concepts.

Her work is published in several journals and she presented her projects at various conferences including DEGRO, ÖGRO and ESTRO.

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