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Gravitational Waves
by Amber Stuver

This book examines the theoretical foundation of gravitational waves and the state of the art of gravitational-wave detection including interferometric detectors and pulsar timing arrays. A summary of the gravitational waves that have been detected as of January 2019 is presented along with what gravitational-wave astronomy has been extracted from these observations. Finally, what the future of gravitational wave exploration looks like in terms of ground-based and space-based detectors is presented.

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Multimessenger Astronomy
by Imre Bartos and Marek Kowalski

Gravitational waves and high-energy cosmic neutrinos, along with electromagnetic radiation and cosmic rays, give us new insights into the most extreme energetic cosmic events, environments and particle accelerators. The objects of interest range from galaxies with accreting supermassive black holes in their centre to collapsing stars and coalescing stellar black holes. This book introduces the scientific questions surrounding these new messengers and the detectors and observational techniques used to study them.

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Space Weather
by Mike Hapgood

Major space-weather events can have a profound impact on critical Earth-based infrastructures such as power grids and civil aviation. This book offers an insight into our current understanding of space weather, and how we can use that knowledge to mitigate the risks it poses for Earth-based technologies. It also identifies some key challenges for future space-weather research, and considers how emerging technologies may introduce new risks that will drive continuing investigation.

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