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Revolutions in computing

Scientists are exploiting the continuing advances in computing power to explore and understand ever more complex systems. While advanced computer models can probe the properties of many different physical systems, machine learning is offering new ways to extract scientific meaning from vast quantities of experimental data. And, as this special collection reveals, researchers are already looking ahead to the exciting possibilities offered by quantum computing.

Companies on computing

The 16-qubit IBM QX5 chip

Focus on Computing

Take a look inside the free-to-read digital edition of Physics World‘s focus issue on computing. Covering the latest innovations and commercial developments, this issue explores quantum computing, artificial intelligence and computer modelling

Machine learning reveals new science

Simulations reveal new insights

Mathematics portfolio

We present a new mathematical-physics page, where we have compiled a wide range of research from more than 10 specialist journals. We have included the latest articles, reviews, special issues, video abstracts and other features from this diverse discipline of research.


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