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For in-depth features, up-to-date news stories, incisive opinion pieces as well as careers advice, book reviews and the ever-popular "Lateral Thoughts" page, Physics World magazine has it all. As a service to the community, we're offering free access to the March 2022 edition. So whether you're a regular reader or a newcomer to the world's best physics magazine, do take a look.

Physics World March 2022

2022 sample issue cover and contents
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The March 2022 issue has three fantastic features:

• Discover how physicists are using synchrotron radiation to create a zoomable “Google Earth” of the human body.

• Explore the life of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin – the pioneering astronomer who battled sexism and discrimination to succeed.

• Find out how researchers on big-physics experiments are lowering the “carbon footprint” of their huge supercomputing calculations.

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