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Instrumentation and measurement

Instrumentation and measurement

Optimize your thin-film plasma process with IoT-enabled intelligence

07 Oct 2022 Sponsored by Advanced Energy Industries

Available to watch now, Advanced Energy Industries explore how new IoT software expands data resolution, access and analysis

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Conventional methods of characterizing and troubleshooting plasma-based thin-film processes frequently lack the ability to capture the full intricacies of the plasma system. Often, efforts rely on manual methods, use low-resolution data, and don’t have advanced analytics capabilities, making it difficult to identify root causes of process instabilities.

This webinar describes how new IoT software expands data resolution, access and analysis — enabling improvements to key measures of process success, including stability, cost, throughput and yield. High-resolution data (up to 40 MHz for event capture), historical data recording, browser-based dashboards, customized algorithms and advanced analytics support provide a window into actual conditions in the plasma system, in real time.

Presenters will provide demonstrations, discuss compatible platforms and offer studies into how this IoT software can enable plasma process operators in the semiconductor and industrial-coating industries to make data-driven decisions, proactively solve root cause and visualize previously unidentified optimization opportunities.

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Jing Li is Advanced Energy’s business develop manager for IoT solutions. She has 12 years’ experience in engineering and business development for the mining, metals, semiconductor, industrial coating and horticultural industries. She holds an MBA from USC, as well as a master’s of engineering degree in metallurgy from the University of Science and Technology in Beijing.

Andrew Merton is the lead data scientist for the PowerInsight by Advanced Energy™ team. In this role, he develops algorithms and metrics to create actionable intelligence from field data to guide diagnostics and estimate asset performance. He holds a PhD in statistics from Colorado State University and an MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Craig Rappe joined Advanced Energy in 2017 as a field applications engineer. With more than 30 years’ experience in industrial coatings, he helps architect and implement creative power-delivery solutions for a variety of thin-film applications.

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