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Optics and photonics

Optics and photonics

Presentations from Luminate to make your start-up succeed

18 Dec 2020 Sponsored by Luminate
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Welcome to the latest in a new series of sponsored articles showcasing some of the latest white papers and webinars from physics-based businesses around the world

This time we are featuring three webinars from Luminate.

Luminate, a six-month intensive accelerator programme located in Rochester, New York, is looking for its next cohort. Qualified companies in the optics, photonics and imaging (OPI) sector can earn up to $100,000 in investment and join the programme, culminating in the chance to compete for $2m in funding. Applications are open until 7 January 2021.

If you want to know more, Luminate’s team of entrepreneurs recently hosted a series of three webinars to help start-up firms and entrepreneurs determine if their ideas are right for Luminate.

Tips from the top

Luminate can help optics, photonics or imaging start-ups strengthen their business and speed up their technology commercialization. In the first webinar entitled “Accelerate your startup at Luminate”, you can hear from Luminate managing director Sujatha Ramanujan, the director of operations Andy Simon and director of programme technology Damon Diehl, who will help you assess if Luminate is right for your start-up. The team discusses how Luminate has helped 30 start-ups from around the world advance their technology and businesses.

Founding figures

In the second webinar entitled “How getting into Luminate advanced my startup”, you can find out how Luminate’s first three cohorts worked with companies to grow their business and advance their technology. Featuring three founders of Luminate portfolio companies – Leslie Kimerling (CEO of Double Helix Optics), Yasaman Soudagar, PhD (CEO of Neurescence), and Michael Wilson, PhD (CEO of Simulated Inanimate Models) – this webinar details how Luminate continues to support and advance companies after they complete the six-month programme.

Application advice

If you need help applying, a third webinar is where to go. Entitled “Applying to Luminate”, the director of operations Andy Simon gives a brief overview of the accelerator programme and explains why to apply. Simon also provides a detailed description of the application process in the F6s platform and answers questions in a virtual office hours format.

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