Walter Lewin is a physicist and lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who is famed for his innovative and colourful demonstrations. He approaches the lecture hall as if it were a stage on which to perform, teaching with passion and a conviction that difficult physics can be explained through simple demonstrations. In this video, Lewin demonstrates the concept of moment of inertia by rolling a series of cylinders down an inclined plane. It is up to the Physics World film crew to predict the outcome of the "races" between the different tubes.

Lewin also talks about his approach to teaching in this video interview with Physics World.

The videos with Walter Lewin were produced in conjunction with the March 2014 issue of Physics World, which is a special issue about education. In the issue, Lewin features in an article about the rise of a new type of education initiative known as massive open online courses, or "MOOCs". Recorded versions of Lewin's lectures form the basis of the physics MOOCs offered by MIT through the educational platform edX. You can download a free PDF copy of the entire March special issue of Physics World.

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