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Exploring flatlands: fabrication technologies

A webinar sponsored by Oxford Instruments

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Quorum Technologies' market-leading Q-series of bench-top vacuum coaters for electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and thin-film applications.

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Videos RSS feed

Learn the art of quantum kung fu

Felix Flicker demonstrates the scientific way to get out of an armlock

The journey of innovation

Exploring the process of taking ideas from the lab to the marketplace

When does mathematics become a commercial product?

Peter Maasse describes the process of commercializing research

Have you ever been lost in Hilbert space?

David Colton provides a basic description of this abstract concept

How does medical ultrasound imaging work?

Mathias Fink explains how doctors and dolphins use the same technology

A better way to detect landmines

Sir Bobby Charlton and his scientist teammates are seeking to improve landmine detection

What is a Fourier transform?

Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb deconstructs this mathematical concept

In search of gravitational waves

Using pulsar signals to search for these elusive waves

How can geophysicists ‘see’ inside the Earth?

William Symes explains how we can identify structures from their echoes

What is an inverse problem?

Roy Pike explains how maths can help plug data gaps


Webinars RSS feed

Exploring flatlands: fabrication technologies

View on demand: a webinar sponsored by Oxford Instruments

The world's most precise magnetometer

View on demand: a webinar sponsored by Metrolab

Random walk to Stockholm: the discovery and significance of graphene

View on demand: an online lecture presented by Andre Geim

Staying dry to stay alive: the ant raft and other water-repellent systems

View on demand: an online lecture presented by David Hu

Keeping ahead: a look at physics in Japan

View on demand: an online lecture presented by Adarsh Sandhu

Quantum man: Richard Feynman's life in science

View on demand: an online lecture presented by Lawrence M Krauss

On the shoulders of eastern giants: the forgotten contributions of medieval physicists

View on demand: an online lecture presented by Jim Al-Khalili

Bubble trouble: how physics can quantify stock-market crashes

View on demand: an online lecture presented by Tobias Preis

The edge of physics: dispatches from the frontiers of cosmology

View on demand: an online lecture presented by Anil Ananthaswamy

Many worlds: how Hugh Everett III changed quantum mechanics

View on demand: an online lecture presented by Peter Byrne


Podcasts RSS feed

The ever-expanding Zooniverse

Chris Lintott discusses the evolving nature of citizen science

Book of the Year 2014

Which book received the highest honours in our list of the year's best popular-physics titles?

We need to talk about quantum mechanics

Join a motley crew of physicists and science journalists at a quantum boot camp

A theorist's bucket list

S James Gates Jr talks about the physics discoveries he would like to see happen in his lifetime

The sound man

Join acoustical physicist Trevor Cox on his "scientific odyssey of sound"

The wonderful world of ultrasound

From levitating tiny balls to safeguarding bridges, ultrasound has more applications than you might think

Sean Carroll's guide to making better science movies

Cosmologist Sean Carroll discusses his other life as a science adviser to Hollywood

The story of neutrinos

Astronomer Ray Jayawardhana explains what these "pathologically shy" particles could tell us about the universe

Keeping a telescopic eye on the Soviets

How Jodrell Bank Observatory became entangled in the Space Race

Building better atomic clocks

Two keepers of atomic time at the National Physical Laboratory look to the future