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What is quantum gravity?

Leron Borsten explains why general relativity and quantum mechanics are mutually incompatible

What is cosmic inflation?

Andrew Jaffe explains how the universe underwent a flash of enormous growth when it was just fractions of a second old

What can scientists gain from blogging?

Science blogger Andrew Jaffe on what scientists can gain by sharing their insights and enthusiasm

Will the universe go on expanding forever?

Daniel Mortlock gives his informed opinion on the ultimate fate of the universe

Why do neutrinos change flavour?

Kenneth Long explains how these particles can oscillate between varieties

3D TV without the glasses

MIT researchers seek the holy grail of 3D technology

Smartphone eye test for the developing world

A novel medical technology from the MIT Media Lab

Networked environments of the future

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab are designing networked environments that respond to human gestures

What is the anthropic principle?

Roberto Trotta explains why it seems so unlikely that we exist

How do we know that the universe is flat?

Roberto Trotta explains how you can visualize the giant structures in the cosmos