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News: August 2002

Geckos’ feet get sticky from static

Van der Waals forces – not capillary action – allow the lizards to walk on the ceiling

Martin Deutsch 1917 – 2002

The physicist who first detected positronium dies at 85

Climate prediction gets a boost

New satellite will track radiation flow across the Western hemisphere

Waves and the sounds of science

New research probes the formation of air bubbles in breaking waves

Innovations boost disabled literacy

Physicists have developed tools to help disabled people to write and blind people to read

Hope fades for comet mission

NASA’s CONTOUR spacecraft is silent, presumed broken

Anti-matter made easy - on paper

Particle physicists have discovered a new . . . font!

EPS announces prize winners

The achievements of 17 physicists have been recognized by prizes from the EPS

Magnesium diboride: mind the gaps

A second superconducting energy gap might explain the unusual properties of magnesium diboride

Prize opportunity for women in condensed matter

The 2003 L’Oréal Awards for Women in Science will recognize condensed matter scientists from five continents

Water vapour supplies new climate clues

Novel tests on water molecules could solve the solar radiation discrepancy

Electrons probe single atoms

A breakthrough in electron microscopy could boost the semiconductor industry

Cosmologists collect 2002 Dirac medal

The success of ‘cosmic inflation’ is recognized on the centenary of Dirac’s birth

Lasers lick dentists’ drills

Ultrashort laser pulses could be used to remove tooth decay painlessly

Scientists push for laser links in space

Laser telemetry could solve an impending communication bottleneck

Semiconductors stride ahead

Medicine, communications and computing could benefit from advances in semiconductor science

Earth's expanding girth

Our planet has become even less spherical since 1998