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News: April 2003

BaBar detects new particle

A novel D-meson has been seen at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Cold plasmas destroy bacteria

Plasmas could be used to sterilize medical equipment

Titan may have an icy surface

Physicists have found evidence for water ice on Saturn’s largest moon

Physicists investigate brain power

Israeli researchers have created electrically active networks of neurons in the lab

Bismuth breaks half-life record for alpha decay

French researchers have measured the longest ever radioactive half-life for alpha decay

Computer models make "super-alloys"

Japanese researchers have created a new group of alloys with exceptional properties

Caesium violates parity in a new way

Atomic parity violation has been seen using a novel optical technique

Giant CCD imager snaps first shot

The largest digital camera array ever installed on a telescope goes on show.

Light flashes investigated on Mir

Physicists have come closer to explaining the causes of light-flashes in space

Solar cells become thinner and cheaper

Researchers have created a new type of very thin, inexpensive solar cell

Novel crystals form under pressure

Researchers have discovered new elemental structures at high pressure

Gold floats in magnetized oxygen

Physicists have magnetically levitated objects in liquid oxygen

Breaking charge symmetry with nuclei

Researchers have detected a rare nuclear reaction that has never been seen before

Z-fusion makes progress

Physicists have observed thermonuclear fusion neutrons from a "Z-pinch" device for the first time

New neutrons for European scientists

The UK will fund a major upgrade to the ISIS neutron source

Can diamond now be a superconductor?

A physicist claims he has seen room-temperature conductivity in diamond

Energy R&D needs more investment

Parliamentary committee lambasts the UK government’s energy policy

Solar surgery makes progress

Researchers have improved a surgical technique based on solar radiation

Double funding boost for Daresbury

UK lab receives £11.5m for light source and £25.7m for science park

B mesons decay in a new way

Physicists see two-body B meson decay for the first time