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News: March 2002

Photons get the quantum cloning treatment

Physicists make good copies of individual quantum systems for the first time

Earth’s magnetic field linked to changing orbit

Long-term variations in Earth’s magnetic field could arise from the eccentricity of our planet’s orbit

CERN delays collider start-up

European particle physics lab faces up to its budget problems

The physics of classical poetry

Statistical physics could shed light on two of the most famous poems of all time

Superconductivity clue comes out of the blue

A blue-shift in the light reflected by a cuprate superconductor could help explain how it works

Binary star breaks speed record

The fastest binary star system ever detected could provide a glimpse of gravitational waves

A recipe for female success

First ‘women in physics’ conference resolves to tap the under-used pool of female talent

Losses and games for quantum computers

Classical light and a classic riddle get the quantum treatment

Willibald Jentschke 1911 - 2002

Founder of the DESY electron synchrotron centre dies aged 90

Astronomers see the most distant galaxy yet

Radiation from a galaxy 15.5 billion light years away lights up the early universe

‘DNA computer’ cracks code

Biology tackles the most complex task yet solved without electronic computers

Physicist scoops religion prize

John Polkinghorne wins £700 000 Templeton Prize

Light flashes charge the atmosphere

‘Blue jets’ make an electrical connection between clouds and the upper atmosphere

Physicists forecast ‘super-Niño’

El Niño and La Niña could be fluctuations in a longer-term climate phenomenon

Thermal emission goes coherent

Nanoscale gratings enable thermal sources to emit coherent infrared light

Cold atoms carry light pulses

Physicists transport and modify trapped light pulses for the first time

US could beam neutrinos to Japan

Physicists hope to send neutrinos ten thousand kilometres through the Earth

Fusion-in-a-bubble sparks controversy

Evidence of nuclear fusion in a sonoluminescence experiment is dismissed by other scientists

Institute of Physics names next chief executive

Industrialist Julia King is to succeed Alun Jones in September

New clue for planet hunters

Discs of dust around distant stars could reveal more extrasolar planets

Holograms help build 3D nanostructures

One-laser technique could pave the way for all-optical circuits