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News: September 2011

Tevatron shuts down

Collider's last hurrah after 26 years

Nanoantenna separates light of different colours

Red and blue light go in opposite directions

Galaxy clusters back general relativity

Redshift study casts doubt on some alternative gravity models

Slippery surface inspired by pitcher plant

Defect-free coating could lead to efficient pipes in the chemical industry

Orbiting standards lab could improve climate predictions

Physicists call for launch of ultra-accurate radiation probe

Ferrofluid pump has no moving parts

Device could be used in everything from microfluidics to large-scale mechanical devices

Do neutrinos move faster than the speed of light?

Tantalizing result announced by Italian experiment

Electrons surf between qubits

Surface acoustic waves could drive data bus

El Niño marches to the same beat as seasonal change

Direct link established between ENSO and the annual cycle

Cyclotrons could boost technetium supply

Hospital production of isotope is viable, say physicists

Cells dine on nanotubes with dire results

Tiny tips could hold the key to toxic effects

Graphene bubbles could make better lenses

Devices could mimic the human eye

Quantum-Hall confirmation helps define kilogram

Graphene and semiconductor share universal quanta

'Tug-of-war' prompts chemical reaction

No-go reaction is driven by mechanical force

Black holes act as galactic thermostats

Feedback puts the brakes on star formation

Physicists in tune with neurons

Model shows how different sounds affect neural activity

Sun puts relativity to the test

Gravity theories can be examined using solar neutrinos

Flowing gas helps nanobubbles stick around

Tiny bubbles on wet surfaces stabilized through dynamic equilibrium

Graphene tunes in to terahertz radiation

Applications could include medical imaging and security screening

Portable lasers probe oil-rig waste

Quantum-cascade-laser kit developed for chemical analysis of hydrocarbons

Journal editor resigns over climate-change paper

Wolfgang Wagner says article should "not have been published"

CRESST uncovers hint of dark matter

Tentative results excite some, but do not match other signals well

Young Earth was sprinkled with precious metals

Meteorites replenished the Earth's mantle with iron-loving metals

Calcium ions simulate the quantum world

World's first ion-based digital quantum simulator calculates time evolution

Graphene could make 'perfect' solar cells

Metallic nanostructures boost light absorption

Tracking tsunamis with radar

Tsunami spotted early upon entering continental shelf

Manipulating the middle ground

Nanostructures shine a new light on the optics of reflection and refraction

Computer architecture recreated on quantum device

Physicists demonstrate "Von Neumann" architecture on a superconducting chip