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News: January 2003

How do stones skip?

Physicist reveals the science behind stone skipping

US rejoins ITER negotiations

American researchers could return to $5bn fusion project

New director of Brookhaven unveiled

Praveen Chaudhari takes over leading US laboratory

New planet challenges theorists

Astronomers find an unusual extra solar planet

Nobel laureates oppose war against Iraq

41 prize-winners have signed a declaration that opposes war

Molecular dots rise for information storage

Scientists make a high-density molecular memory device

First quasars shed light on the early universe

Astrophysicists find new evidence for how the first large galaxies were formed

Adaptive optics may help opticians

A technique from astronomy could help fight eye disease

Fires destroy world-renowned observatory

Bush fires have gutted the Mount Stromlo Observatory in Australia

New look for Cerenkov radiation

Theorists have predicted surprising properties for Cerenkov radiation in photonic crystals

Bad news for code breakers

Physicists have demonstrated a new form of quantum cryptography

Nanowire lasers go electric

Scientists have made the first electrically driven nanowire laser

Comet chaser is grounded

Doubts about the reliability of the Ariane 5 rocket have forced ESA to postpone its long-awaited Rosetta mission.

Life, death and physics

Physicists might have explained the “mortality plateau”

Nanotechnology is good for the heart

Scientists have built a nanoscale device that can detect proteins associated with heart attacks

Rayleigh jets come into view

Physicists have observed “Rayleigh jets” for the first time

Gravity and light move at the same speed

Physicists measure the speed of gravity for the first time

Los Alamos director resigns

John Browne steps down from his post at the Los Alamos National Laboratory