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News: May 2003

Scientists spy on growing nanoparticles

French scientists have developed a new method that monitors the growth of nanoparticles in real time

Viscount Ilya Prigogine 1917-2003

Nobel laureate in chemistry dies aged 86

Starquakes shed light on stellar evolution

Belgian astronomers continue a 21-year long experiment to study how stars evolve

Positronium puzzle is solved

US physicists have measured the lifetime of positronium

Supermassive black hole binary might lurk in nearby galaxy

Researchers in Japan claim to have found evidence for a pair of supermassive black holes

Transistors go transparent

Japanese researchers have made the fastest transparent transistor ever

Thermopower in a spin

Electron spins may be responsible for the properties of certain thermoelectric materials

Superconductivity and magnetism in harmony

A magnetic field can sometimes enhance superconductivity instead of destroying it

Cobalt breaks magnetism record

European physicists have measured the highest ever magnetic anisotropy energy in a material

Entanglement reaches new lengths

Physicists make small step towards quantum computer

Route one to the centre of the Earth

Geophysicist proposes novel way to study the Earth’s core

Could neutrinos destroy nuclear weapons?

Japanese particle physicists propose to destroy nuclear bombs with a high-energy neutrino beam

First light for pure silicon

German and Australian researchers have shown that bulk silicon crystalline can be an efficient light emitter

Tinnitus treatment tones up

Physicists have devised a new model that could help sufferers of tinnitus

Potassium-40 heats up Earth's core

Geophysicists have found evidence for an extra source of heat inside planets

Carbon nanotubes light up

IBM researchers have created an ultrasmall solid-state light source

Heavy elements lend weight to early stars

Stars and galaxies may have formed much earlier than previously thought

Magnesium diboride at the double

Physicists have seen two superconducting energy gaps in magnesium diboride